Irene Woo

Junior studying Honors Math and Computer Science at McGill University

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Born in Redhill in England, I moved to France when I was three and lived in the suburbs of Paris for eleven years. When I was thirteen, my family and I moved to New York. Finally, I decided to move to Canada to study at McGill University.

Living in four different countries has tremendously shaped my personality. I am always on the lookout for new and unordinary experiences.

Work experience


My Workspace

My Workspace (MacOS app), Microsoft Garage

I developed a user-friendly Mac menu bar app that provides quick access to Office 365 features. In a team of six, I developed several features of the app, ensuring code cohesion and compliance to privacy and security requirements.

Speak In

SpeakIn (iOS mobile app), HackUMass 2016

I built a service that creates an attractive audio journal and that analyzes and captures emotions. I was in a team of four.

Peg Solitaire puzzle

Peg Solitaire Puzzle Solver Using A* Search Paradigms

The peg solitaire puzzle is a board with 33 white and black pixels. The objective is to make valid moves to only have one white pixel at the center of the board. Read more

Peg Solitaire puzzle

Web-based LinkedIn mini system

With two other developers, I built a website that enables members to create a profile about themselves, make friends, look at a friend’s profile, make status updates, and see the status updates of friends. I was responsible for the status updates and friends' profile pages. I used C, Python, HTML, CGI, Git, and gcc.


Contact me

You can contact me via email at You can also follow me on Twitter.